Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rock Climbing and Seeing Myself in Others

Today I went rock climbing with five lovely ladies and an awesome man. I slept so little last night I was even more quiet than my norm. Virtually mute actually, however that in itself was an amazing opportunity to observe and process the conversation going on around me. In light of yesterday's blog, specifically limiting beliefs, it was really quite riveting to hear what I was hearing and to realize how I have personally altered my own dialogue.

I am now acutely aware of any instance that "I can't" manages to sneak out of my mouth. It is almost as if an alarm goes off and I then strive to think "cancel that thought and put it another way." I actually ask myself "how can I say that better?" and by better I mean in a more empowering and optimistic way. Then I focus on that thought, the empowering one. I try see the end result,  visualization takes a little more work for me. I am getting better at it though!

These fun and energetic women I went climbing with were forecasting how little they would do, where they would fall, when they would fall, where they would make it to, and that wasn't to the top. Believing as strongly as I do in the Law of Attraction stating that I will fall or won't make it to the top is simply not an option. Thinking it isn't even an option. I don't assume I will make it to the top, I only promise myself I will give it 100% and do my best, whatever that means on any particular day.

It was challenging to only observe even as it what was meant for the day. I wanted to start saying stop forecasting what you won't do, stop even thinking "I can't!" If someone had said that to me five or ten years ago though, I would not have even understand what the heck they meant. It would have been Greek to me. Instead I listened, I sifted through everything I heard and processed it and was very pleased with my ability to do so.

And then I climbed ...

-Nicola Byrne

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