Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Year Resolutions

Yes ... You read that correctly. I have decided to take a look at the goals I wrote for myself for 2013 and refresh them. How many times have we set New Years Resolutions and come the first week of January forgotten them ... Until January 1 rolls around again almost a full year later?

That's why I do not really think of my goals for the coming year as resolutions in the first place. I do not want set and forget them. I choose to see goals and to periodically evaluate my progress on them.

I wrote them down and took a picture of pages to review:

These are the goals I wrote down for this year.

This is the first time I have reviewed my goals and my progress towards them.

1) To be a FasterEFT practitioner and to complete the Ultimate FasterEFT Course this year. I am still working towards this goal. I am very close to beginning to work with people on FasterEFT, I have yet to get the course and complete it however. Basically I will begin practicing the FasterEFT on friends, family and the like. As I progress my skills I can move into taking the course and become certified as a practitioner. Incidentally I work with a FasterEFT practitioner named Laura who is helping me work through my own challenges and who is teaching me at the same time.

2) I'm not going to say much about the finances as this is a struggle, however ... Baby steps. I have a budget, I am adhering to it and this little corner of my life is improving, even if only at a glacially slow pace.

3) Clearing clutter is an ongoing process. I am absolutely making small leaps forward though with this one. This weekend there was a garage sale that helped clear clutter and ever so slightly bring in money. Win win!

4) I have a car payment still, but it is a cay payment to own the car and not lease the car. I do consider this progress! A lease is temporary, buying a car isn't. Car payment or not, driving a Mini Cooper is fun and I am grateful for it every time I sit behind the wheel.

5) Tapping applies to FasterEFT. For a couple of months there I was anything but diligent or consistent. This is improving rapidly. Actually thanks to Lift, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. It is a habit I am tracking, which means at the end of the day or during the course of the day I have a simple reminder.

6) To have my own personal training business. Honestly, as is the way of most resolutions, I completely forgot about this one and obviously cannot have made any direct progress here. Good thing I am revisiting my list of goals.

7) This one I basically have already experienced my entire life. There are many people I love and that love me. Maybe it is cheating to put in a goal I don't really have to strive for. And maybe it is more of a reminder of what I want to appreciate and be grateful for in my life. It can even be a little bit of both.

8) I went to Brian Head in January. That's it on this list so far! It was a great trip though.

9) To be grateful ... I do practice this every day. Diligently. It makes a difference in each and every day. Even a day that feels like it is unraveling faster than a ball of yarn, to stop and hit pause and focus on what exactly I have to be grateful for adds a different perspective. I try to avoid the typical "I'm having a bad day" mantra, even if I think it at times. I prefer to minimize the "bad" to moments and focus on a bigger picture. This takes practice though. Old habits be very stubborn.

10) As a personal trainer I know what works. There are times when I become very frustrated with clients who are not yet able to dive in with both feet and give things a try. They can be very resistant to change, as we all can in certain situations. At these times I have to remind myself to take a deep breath, focus on compassion, try to see where they are at and be patient. It took me time to learn everything I know and it can very take a long time for some people to be ready to try new things. All good things come to those who wait.

11) My favorite way to pay it forward is to take my extra coin change and put it in the water vending machine at work. I never know who goes up and has a surprise when they go to buy a water, but every time I put the change in there, I smile and it lasts a while. Going forward I do want to find some new ways to pay it forward.

12) This was more of a mantra, even as it is a goal. When I wrote my goals I intended to review them monthly (oops ... OK so I think this may be the second time I have re-read them).

13) No, I did not even come close to this one. In fact, I forgot about it. Time to regroup and get it done. That's why I wrote these things down. That's why I am reading them again! Time to dust off this set of DVDs and get it done. Tomorrow. Just kidding.

14) No, I have no managed this one either. In fact, I have been working my way through one book in particular since January! This is a dense book, it requires focus and I need to pay attention. I want to read it and be done so I can apply what is in the book, but progress is slow. I can honestly say that when I read this book it is an empowering experience. That keeps me coming back for more, even if it is taking me too long to finish reading it. Oh and the book I am reading is "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

15) I'm not sure why I put this down a second time, beyond the fact that I really want to learn to easily do for others. I'm not doing it every day. I am not writing it down every time I do something I consider "paying it forward'. I actually don't see a reason to do that, so I think we can safely say this goal has been re-evaluated and found unnecessary.

16) Slow progress in blogging but obviously I am doing it!

and last but not least ...

17) Write what I am grateful for and put it in a jar. Everyday. Yes and no. The jar idea came from Facebook, and a picture of it is included below. The jar wasn't intended to be filled with notes of gratitude, the spirit of it is to fill it with good memories and experiences of the year and then revisit the prior year in a positive way ... before bringing in the new one. I love this idea. So yes I am filling a jar with the fun memories I am making as the year progresses (the bottom of the jar is covered with notes!). I am also writing down what I am grateful for, I am using Lift for that however. A very clever iPhone app ... I wrote about here:

 That's the long and the short of it. Some successes, some reminders, some revisions. At least they were not all forgotten the first week of January though!

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