Thursday, February 28, 2013

Affirmations in a New Light

One day, many years ago, I listened to the Secret audiobook by Rhonda Byrne and I learned about affirmations. I had been using them successfully for years, without realizing it, and decided to begin using them consciously to improve my life. No longer would I affirm negatives. I would affirm positives. <head nod for emphasis>

It has certainly worked. Today I am a far more optimistic woman and my life is filled with experiences I am thankful for.

Last week I had revealing moment of clarity, a lightbulb going on in my mind, when I realized that my affirmations had been working even better than I knew. My next thought was it is important to be more aware of what I am affirming! The Universe is very literal.

A good friend and I wear speaking, comparing notes about manifesting and what we are learning as well as experiencing. I mentioned how lately there is even so much more than usual to be grateful for and I told her about changing my password. A couple of years ago I decided my passwords would be affirmations. Positive ones, I thought. My new password has to do with being grateful. My previous password had to do with being strong. Four two years I had been using different variations of "a strong one" before I decided to change my focus to gratitude. Well it worked like a charm. Both times.

As I look back on the previous years and see all of the challenges I overcame and how very strong I was to do so, I also see how well that affirmation worked. Consistently bringing to me events, situations, challenges and opportunities for strength.

I'm so grateful … I decided to be more grateful.

-Nicola Byrne